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BA Trade is an engineering and consulting company based in Serbia. We’re providers of professional multi-disciplinary services for new construction projects.

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Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Starting from the design itself we provide in-depth technical knowledge for the eBOP & MBOP of your projects.

Civil & Geotechnical Engineering (cBOP)

Our associate experts in civil and geotechnical engineering provide in-depth knowledge and expertise support in the civil infrastructure and geology assessment of Green Energy Projects.

Environmental Engineering

As responsible members of the community, professionally, together with, or as partner we provide a wide range of services from EIA studies to consultancy in mitigation and biodiversity compensations damage to biodiversity.

Engineering Procurement and Construction

Based on our references you can rely on our experts during the entire process of Engineering Procurement and Construction of your Green Energy Projects.

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We support and manage on behalf of our clients to develop and construction phases of their Energy projects.

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